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1. Background information
This warranty covers abutments and other implant components marked with APOLLO® registered trademark, manufactured and distributed by ALMADENT Dental Laboratory Aleksander Orzełowski.

Long-standing collaboration with dentists in the manufacture of various prosthetic works, using the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art devices, have resulted in the extension of the scope of activities towards manufacture of abutments and other implant components made of titanium and cobalt chromium alloy. The products are manufactured with uncompromising precision and they all meet the highest standards of quality, durability and are compatible with other implant products available on the market.

2. Warranty periods for APOLLO® products
Due to very high quality of materials, and the greatest level of care applied during the production process, the following warranty periods have been set:
- Lifetime warranty for TITANIUM™ abutments  and GOLD™

- For a period of 5 years (from the date of shipment) for zirconia CERCAM® hybrid abutments (titanium-zircon). Suprastructures, bars and bridges  TITANIUM™ and GOLD™, as well as those made of cobalt and chromium alloy

3. Scope of warranty
As a manufacturer of APOLLO® abutments and other implant components, we offer warranty in the following cases:

1. if the product reveals defects in materials or workmanship, therefore it does not meet the quality standards adopted by ALMADENT Dental Laboratory.
2. if the product is not compliant with the design approved by a dentist. In the above cases the product will be manufactured again and delivered to the dentist free of charge.
3. if the implant is destroyed (broken) after installing an APOLLO® abutment with prosthesis, and after normal functional load, the complaint claim should be addressed to the company providing the implant. If the supplier of the implant refuses to provide the implant warranty solely due to the use of the APOLLO® abutment, and the dentist meets the qualification criteria and follows the claim procedure, ALMADENT Dental Laboratory Aleksander Orzełowski will reimburse purchasing a new implant for the dentist at actual verifiable costs  and will deliver a new abutment free of charge. The cost of purchase of a new implant will be compensated in the form of APOLLO® products. The described situation is an additional obligation of the manufacturer of APOLLO® products towards a dentist.
4. When the control visit of the patient after dental implant placement and funkcional implant loading, take place at least every 6 months.

4. Complaint procedure
For the warranty to be effective, the following requirements need to be met:

1. A complaint must be lodged with ALMADENT Dental Laboratory Aleksander Orzełowski within 60 days from the date of finding the product defective.
2. The complaint must be lodged according to the following procedure.
3. The dentist must contact ALMADENT Dental Laboratory to receive a complaint form and instructions for return of the product under complaint.
4. The dentist sends a completed complaint form to ALMADENT, enclosing the product under complaint.
5. All the returned products must be sterilised.
6. If the complaint is due to reasons set out in section 3 c), the dentists have to provide the case records with the indication that there were no contraindications for implant treatment. Moreover, the dentists have to submit a written dismissal of the complaint from the company providing the implant, with the indication that the reason for dismissal is the use of the APOLLO® abutment.
7. A complaint may be lodged only if there is no default in the settlement of current financial liabilities towards ALMADENT Dental Laboratory.
8. The dentist will deliver the product under complaint to ALMADENT Dental Laboratory at his/her own expense, and by his own effort. The laboratory will cover the cost of the return delivery.

5. Objections to a complaint

A complaint cannot be deemed valid if:

1. Damage or destruction of the entire implant or other implant structure with the APOLLO® product is due to an accident or injury caused by the patient or a third party.
2. Contraindications for the implantation procedure applied to the patient who lost the implant.
3. When the implant structure is lost due to normal wear. 

To eliminate any doubts regarding the warranty provided, we emphasise that the conditions apply exclusively to APOLLO® products and do not apply to other benefits or cover damages such as laboratory costs and costs of clinical procedure, etc.

6. Changes or withdrawal of complaint conditions within the warranty.
The Dental Laboratory reserves the right to change or withdraw the above conditions at any time, without notice. However, changes or withdrawal of the granted warranty do not apply to the APOLLO® products used in patients, if all the financial liabilities of the dentist were settled before the changes were introduced or these conditions were withdrawn.

The above conditions are valid from 01.04.2015



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